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Performance products - It’s about more than just colour

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Technological developments mean that ink and paints are no longer merely intended to provide either decorative or protective coatings. Novel pigments are being developed the purpose of which is to impart specific physical or chemical properties rather than colour. The best known of these is graphene.

 Graphene is a form of carbon that came out of research at Manchester University in 2004. It is 200 times stronger than steel but unlike most tough materials it is also capable of being stretched without shattering. It also has excellent barrier properties. Graphene and other two-dimensional pigments are being used to create inks and coatings with electrical conductivity and resistivity in mind. 

 We can help in the formulation and manufacture of inks and coatings with which to apply the new materials to their intended substrates. Hi-tech ceramics offer exciting opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries in the future. Again, we can help to formulate and manufacture coatings to adhere the ceramic materials to the intended substrate but which don't leave any residual ash after stoving in an oven.
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Availability of raw materials

It’s not just about electronics. Raw materials are starting to become available which will result in products that will replace existing technologies or lead to new inventions. Coatings of one kind or another will play a key role in bringing these to market.
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