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Pigment dispersion is a two stage process – mixing and milling. Our five mixers cater for a variety of batch sizes, generally in the range 50-400kg depending on the product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you have smaller batches in mind.

There are six triple roll mills. The five large ones handle the bulk of our work. The sixth is a flatbed mill for the smaller batches.
A high speed stirrer is available. This is chiefly used for dissolving solid resins to make varnishes.
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Instrumentation in the two laboratories includes:

• Three different models of Brookfield Viscometer
• Various fineness of grind gauges to cover a range of different particle sizes. These are used in conjunction with an automated test rig which eliminates differences in draw down technique between different staff
• Tack-O-Scope (for comparative tack measurement)
• Light cabinet
• Drying gauge
• Flow gauge
• Screen printing equipment
• Laboratory scale mill
• Mixer
• UV Curing rig
• Density (S.G.)
• Laboratory oven

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Centre Colours specialise in the manufacturing of high quality pigment dispersions,
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